Membership in Northwest Neighbors Network

Who can join NNN?

Anyone who lives within these boundaries/zip codes:

North = 196th   South = 145th    East = Lake Washington    West = Puget Sound

98020     •    98026     •     98036     •     98133     •     98043     •     98155     •     98177

Why should I join?

Peace of Mind...Financial Benefits...Social Network...Community Support

Joining a Village has many benefits. It's an approach to aging that 

  • empowers you to take responsibility for your future
  • equips you with knowledge and connects you to the best services
  • provides a practical, well thought-out plan for a time when you may need help…what you need, when you need it

Joining a Village is cost effective. Here's a brief look at your public and private funding alternatives:

  • To enter the publicly funded long-term care system, you must be Medicaid eligible--have a very limited income. On top of this, government funding & services for seniors, including support of senior centers, are being severely cut with no end in sight.
  • Medicare doesn’t pay for long-term care, leaving private pay as the alternative care system.
  • Private pay long-term care costs are exorbitant. 
    • Home Care: the average is $20 to $30 per hour & most agencies have a 2-4 hour minimum

    • Independent, Assisted Living and Adult Family Homes: the average is $3000 to $6000 monthly

    • Nursing Home: the average is $8,670 a month

Joining a Village benefits everyone. It

  • gives peace of mind to your loved ones because they know your Village will support you
  • offers you the opportunity to tailor your own activities & connect with others who enjoy doing what you like to do
  • you can find meaning and purpose by volunteering…on your own terms and in your own neighborhood

Why join when everything's going well in my life?

  • if people join when they are vital, they feel better about being on the receiving end when their time of need arises
  • when you pay it forward, the Village is there when you need it; you're in the system with no wait period to process your application, liability coverage, etc.
  • you believe in community and reciprocity & understand how good it feels knowing you're benefiting the community

How does membership in NNN work? 

NNN will offer a multi-level membership plan for individuals and couples, with assistance for those unable to afford membership dues. We are working on finalizing our membership structure, but in general Full membership will include all benefits while Associate membership will include all benefits except event discounts & NNN-coordinated access to volunteer support and professional providers. 

What does it cost to run NNN?

NNN's initial projected annual budget is approximately $100K. This covers a paid staff of one Village Coordinator/Director, one AmeriCorp Volunteer, liability insurance, rent, marketing, mileage, computer, supplies, national background checks, and administrative overhead (phone, internet, etc.). NNN's budget is available upon request.

How much are Membership Dues?

NNN is looking at a variety of membership models, aiming to establish as low a price structure as is viable. The national average for Village dues is $37.50 per month; in the greater Seattle area, unsubsidized Village membership dues are $50 per month, with various assistance plans for those in need. Membership dues will be posted here as soon as they have been determined. In the interim, you can sign up under "Stay Connected" to be notified when NNN's membership dues are set.