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Become a Vendor Resource

Northwest Neighbors Network is committed to providing our members with connections to local businesses and services that meet the needs of our community. 

We rely on member recommendations to help identify vendors that have demonstrated attention to quality, service, fair pricing and reliability. We also encourage businesses and vendors to reach out to us directly.

Benefits of being a vendor resource for NNN members could:

* Demonstrate your support of community by helping members stay in their homes as long as practical as they age
* Help expand your customer base, at no cost to you
* Allow you to offer discounts or other unique benefits to NNN members 

How would a NNN member learn about you?

When a member contacts us for a service that we can't provide through our volunteers, we research our vendor resource records to find a solution. We share information about your business, how to contact you and any other details we have about you with the member. From that point forward, all interaction is between the member and your business. All monetary transactions are strictly between you and NNN members.

With permission, we may also feature businesses or service providers that offer NNN members a discount or other unique benefit on our website. We also follow up with our members after they've used a service or vendor to gather feedback about the member's experience. 

What we need from you:

* Commit to providing prompt, fairly priced, quality workmanship or services and courteous customer service to NNN members
* Be licensed, bonded and insured, as required for your business
* Provide references with experience working with you and whom we can contact
* Complete and submit the application for our review

You can expect to hear from one of our representatives shortly after we've received your application. 

If you have any questions or want more information about Northwest Neighbors Network, please reach out!

Phone: 253-237-2848